Show and Prove 2012

In my "Pass the Peas" course at Lehigh U, we wrap up the semester with an American Idol-like contest of songs and videos presented by the students of the class. This year's top 3:

 #1 Kendrick Lamar - "HiiiPOWER"  

#2 A$AP Rocky - "Goldie"  

#3 Moufy - "Miss Newtown"


Ghostwriters in the Machine

Say it ain't so, Nas

Off the books

Actually, the accusation that Jay Elect's Act I is stolen is more troubling because both scenarios don't seem implausible.  Either a Stan like fan has imagined an elaborate scenario in which Jay Electronica swiped his life story to record Jay's epic "Sunshine" breakthrough or a beloved rhyming hero's mythical legacy is a lie. 


Street Ministry

"There's a new thing happening today" Minister Louis Farrakhan once preached. Brand Nubian sampled that line in 1992 and took up the call in their music. 


A new thing is happening in Bethlehem.  Taking up the initiative of the graffiti movement to reclaim public space, regional street artists have begun their own movement here in the Lehigh Valley.


For those of us who have lived here for years (decades really), it is fairly dra-mastic to see New Vox Gallery make its imprint on the Five Points community.


Mainstay Homebase has been doing this now for 10 years have been making an impact with youth skate culture, art and fashion. It's not hard to support new heads adding on.


I had the privilege of providing the soundtrack this July at Streetfluence, an exhibition of street art on display at New Vox, the on the side of buildings at Five Points and in city parking garage.

The set list is a journey into sound, a journey which along the way will bring to you new color, new dimension, new values.


Props to Reinaldo Ray Valentin, Matthew Nixon and so many others who made this happen.