Back To The Future

At the end of every semester in "Pass the Peas" the tables are turned and this teacher becomes student. Each year my students learn me new artists, new songs, new flows, new beats. Here is a sampling of some of the submissions:

You know what that Down South rap has? That energy, that thirst that drove Hip Hop in the 80s and 90s. You hear geographic pride, confidence, swag: "No insurance on these whips, tags all outdated / I might not be sh*t to you, but my momma thinks I made it"

Hopspin's not wrong.  My only criticism is the eye contacts make him an angry freak show distracting from his message and talent.

Straight outta Dubai, this kid nails the hook (and production too) like it's the next anthem of every kid on the come up.

Reppin' 1994, HD was born the year the kind of Hip Hop he makes topped the charts: when lyrics were at a premium and beats snapped necks. I don't know, maybe not much has changed...