Lost Angels

If GG Allin and Ol' Dirty had a love child that sk8 and dress like the Pharcyde. These kids are unconscious and smart and not for the faint of heart. Coming soon to a theater near you.  Sample Thrasher interview below:

If Odd Future gets huge, do you think you’ll have to rap about less messed-up stuff?

Tyler, the Creator: I say be what the fuck you want to be. Always make music you want to listen to and fuck everyone else’s opinion. That is probably one of the reasons 
I like Jason Dill so much. He won’t do a big-ass nollie trĂ© off a 15 set, but he’ll do a sick ollie off a bump in the middle of the street. I think that shit is amazing, because he’s skating the way he wants to. When I make a song, I think about it as if I was making a video sequence. I’m trying to put picturesque detail in your head while you’re listening to it.

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