ARM 18 Minutes of Funk - The Nat X Mixtape

Track Listing:
1 - Nat X / JB Intro
2 - I'm Black and I'm Proud - Brand Nubian
3 - Ain't Saying Nothing (Dub) - Divine Styler
4 - Funkin' Lesson - X Clan
5 - Swing Blue, Sweat Black - Laquan
6 - Heartbeat Props - Digital Underground
7 - For Women - Reflection Eternal

Brand Nu's '98 update of the JB '68 classic is worthy homage.  Tracks 3 through 6 are a nod to that brief period between '88 and '90 where "Pro Black" hip hop was as common as Common at an NBA All Star Game. Laquan vid below for a bonus.

DU speaks the truth: if you know of someone right here, right now that is making a difference in the world, give them their props.  Better yet, be ready to rock for the cause.  And Talib's storytelling ("For Women") is as vivid as a Toni Morison novel.  Word to the Mother.

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