Monsters vs. Beasties

As my own efforts reveal, not surprisingly I think the viral video remix is post-modern DJ TV bliss.

The visual lyricism of "High Plains Drifter" captures both idea and spirit of the Beastie tall tale with authentic accuracy.  Not an easy task as this 1989 track hails from the Beastie Boys' second LP Paul's Boutique known for its scattershot late 20th century pop cultural references of all things hip from Kerouac to Bowie; Dick Butkus to Travis Bickle.

But don't dismiss the Monster mash too quickly for its obviousness.  Watch as wiggling Muppets dance to the mumbled rhythmic yelping of the backing track and Piggy spits a mean 16.  Actually, this video is proof how weird Kanye's song is.

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