You Love To Hear The Story Again and Again

In "Pass the Peas" we look at how the competitive elements of the 70s South Bronx break beat DJ parties were transformed and amplified by new mediums in the 1980s. Playing these records back to back, you get a sense of how the Juice Crew and Boogie Down Production feud is set off. Whether Queensbridge or the South Bronx won matters not. What became clear was that as Hip Hop's profile grew on records and radio in the later half of the 80s and the excitement and tension of back-in-the-day park jam throw-downs could be capitalized on artistically and financially in this new era.

Post script: The above video has been rendered silent because I am on double secret Youtube probation because of the Tortoro mash ups.  Caught, can I get a witness? Word to Helen Keller.

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