A Radical Redistribution

A Radical Retribution

Music and Concept: MalArts
Samples and Scratches: ARM 18
Video Content: @margalaid04 (IG)
Video Editing: ARM 18

To the Black Lives lost in this video, Rest in Peace:
Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Philando Castile, James Earl Channey, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Alton Sterling, Breonna Taylor

Credit is due to the following Artists, Leaders and Visionaries:
Boogie Down Productions, James Brown, Bobby Byrd, John Coltrane, Denzel Curry, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (“Malcolm X”), Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Dave Dennis, Ava DuVernay, Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Killer Mike, KRS ONE, Spike Lee, NWA, Richard Pryor, Public Enemy, Q-Tip, Thomas “TNT” Todd

For the inspiration, TikTok, you don’t stop:
@itsmariettaa, @itzkay.k, @kareemrahma, @kiara.customz, @lillsofaa, @marrrrrrrrrri, @michelle_but_not_obama, @morganpawlowskii, @mikaylarez, @officialmacrose, @philiphurstmedia, @sarabarabobarabanannafan, @segyrella, @steviemackey. @suitcasepocket, @thehighlyeducated, @trevordennis_, @weneedpeace, @whitepeopledeservetodie6, @whoisaleckson, @wtfricky, @_wig_

Material was used from the following Usual Suspects:
ABC News, Associated Press, Bloomberg News, CBS Evening News, Channel 4 News, Columbus Education Association, Comedy Central, CNN, The Daily News, The Daily Show, Fox News, France 24, Global News, Hill.TV, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, NBC Houston, NBC Miami, NBC News, The New York Times, NowThis, The Sacramento Bee, Smithsonian Channel, The Telegraph, Time, Yahoo! Finance, YouTube

Many other photographers, videographers and raw footage was used and likely not credited appropriately, for instance, Portlandrone.com, Insaaf Blog and @larryalldayvid. My bad, we are in the fog of war. You are appreciated. Shout out to independent photojournalist, Tim Druck of Indigo Photography of Louisville, KY whose his unwavering commitment to anti-racism on ground and online spurned this project on.


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